Sheridan Doose
Sheridan Doose
Digital and Traditional Sculptor
St. Catharines, Canada


I've been sculpting on a freelance basis since 2009, and have worked on everything from private commissions of superheroes to stop motion maquettes to entire lines of miniatures for table top war-games. I understand the love that fans have for the characters that they play, watch and immerse themselves in, and I love bringing those characters into tangible reality as a sculptor and a fan myself.

My Advanced Diploma is in animation and gaming where I learned how to animate and draw traditionally to serve as a strong basis for my 3D work. I have a keen understanding of human anatomy that allows me to keep characters real and believable while pushing limits of proportion and style. I am extremely self-driven and organized, and I flourish in a group environment where I can receive feedback and push myself to do the best work I can.

In 2012 I helped form Spawning Pool Studios, offering a full range of artistic services from digital sculpture to graphic design to concept art. Currently, we are moving forward with the creation of a range of original, painter-centric miniatures in the 75mm scale. My focus is currently dedicated to bringing these figures to life (in between freelance gigs, anime nights, and MOBA binges.)


AnatomyDigital SculptingSculpting

Software proficiency



  • Digital Sculptor and Co-Founder at Spawning Pool Studios
    Toronto, Canada
    May 2012 - Present

    - High Poly Digital Sculpture work for: Video Games, Miniatures, Collectibles, Statues, Garage Kits, and Maquettes.

    - Understanding of various production methods, and experience sculpting for various production techniques.

    - Graphic design for packaging and branding.

    - Concept art and illustration.

  • Traditional Sculptor and Designer at Freelancer
    Toronto, Canada
    January 2009 - April 2012

    - Accurately translate 2D art into 3D form, with a focus on anatomy, dynamic posing, and style.

    - Designed visual concepts based on clients described requirements.

    - Designed orthographic size charts of characters.

    - Build custom armatures with engineering/keys for ease of molding and production.

  • Junior Designer and Mock-Up Artist at FunCare | Centura Brands
    Mississauga, Canada
    January 2006 - January 2008

    - Designed packaging to match the style of the product line and style guides.

    - Developed concepts for new products to fit in with the existing product line.

    - Built mock-ups and pre-production prototypes.

    - Worked with name recognition licenses such as Marvel, Disney, and Hot Wheels